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If you are an ordinary tourist or a backpacker and prefer to travel all the time privately and individually. if you want to move in Egypt independently and freely away from the crowds of other tourists. If you prefer to tailor your stay at Luxor and Aswan tours in Egypt according to your schedule plan or your arrival and departure. If you are you looking for saving your money and just paying the fair and reasonable cost of your accommodation and cheap guided tours in Aswan and Luxor. So actually you have reached the right website to perform you all of that. Low Budget tour. Com offers this different cheap and low budget type of accommodation ,local guides in Luxor and Aswan.

Egypt is home to some of the most eye-catching historical sites on earth incorporating Ancient temples, pyramids, Valley of the Kings, and many more. Here you can enjoy water sports in crystal clear water of Red Sea Cost. You can enjoy Egyptian art, culture, and nightlife. So, are you ready to explore the countless wonders of Egypt? 
If Yes, the first thing you will need is – cheap and the best hotel stay options.
Are you looking for cheap hotels in Luxor and Aswan , low budget tour packages in Luxor , Aswan , Egypt ? Then, we lowbudgettour.com are here to prepare you to be dazzled with our cheap accommodation options in Luxor and Aswan. 
We understand that whether you travel frequently or planning for a memorable trip, the hotel you select to stay during your trip determines the overall experience. 
We offer you exclusive deals on a hotel stay that will help you to keep more money in your pocket. So, you can spend it on activities. We keep every small detail in mind as per your requirement while finalizing cheap accommodation in Luxor and Aswan because we know; it plays a major role and makes a big difference. 
We speak your language. We offer the best price guarantee. Connect with us to know more about our offerings.

Do Not Listen to What People say About Egypt, Go and See!  

Do you want to explore the countless wonders of Egyptian civilization? Then, lowbudgettour.com can help you with that. We offer customizable Cheap Luxor and Aswan tour packages.

You can embark on a unique Luxor and Aswan trip from Cairo, fly to Luxor and stroll through some of the most impressive Ancient Egyptian temples and Valley of the Kings. When you head to Aswan, you can visit the high dam, unfinished obelisk, and Philae temple.

After the two days Cheap Aswan and Luxor temple tour, you can catch the flight back to Cairo. We will arrange a transfer facility for you to get back to your hotel and that also at reasonable rates.

So, connect with us and discover Egypt with us, as no one did before!


Our vision

We know the feeling when long weekends or holidays approach, and you want to go for a journey with your family and friends to new places. No worries if you just have a few hundreds in your pocket, for there is  a long list of budget trips, in (Aswan and Luxor) that you could afford. There is an extensive number of Sightseeing and budget tours in Aswan and Luxor, which make tiny escapes totally worth while.


Our Philosophy

Lowbudgettours supports travelers To see more for less. We specialize in domestic travel and accommodation in Aswan and Luxor including guided tours and road trips in those cool small cities, great deals on hotel rooms, four night or less according to your schedule plan and desire with different options of tourist Sightseeing and destinations, lowbudgettour inspires its travelers different tours and trips, at the same time to tailor their journey and stay as they wish, as we like to say here at lowbudgettour where will you go next? For free travel inspiration how to tips and how to bargains when you need. 



Why Us

At lowbudgettour, we offer a unique tour service. Where you are in control. Tell us where, when and what you want to see. 

We will work with you to plan the perfect ( ASWAN /LUXOR ) tours experience. Now with us you can start planning that perfect tour.