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About us

My name is Mahmoud Makky lam an egyptologist and professional tour guide living in Aswan. I have  worked since August of 2000 as a freelancer tour guide. I am graduated from a governmental egyptian university (El Minya university, faculty of tourism and hotels.,touristic guidance section, English and German) I like to be indulged in organizing all types of tours especially in Aswan my home city and its extension luxor city. So my professionalism enables me to organise your guided tours and accommodation especially at two star hotels in Aswan and Luxor which spare lots of your budget during your accommodation. The name low budget does not mean that guests get low quality Service. But actually you reside at satifying clean modest hotels, and premium transportation means especially (buses and limousine cars, and in some programmes air conditioned second class trains). Even the tour guidance from high qualified Informative guides. So from the first moment you place your feet in Aswan you will be served in a satisfying lovely way, feeling the complete safety. Our mission is to provide you with the following services. 1- Meeting at Aswan Railway station or Air port. 2- Transportation and transfers in Aswan and Luxor with air conditioned vehicles or second Class air conditioned train from Aswan to luxor in some programmes. 3- tour guidance in Aswan and kom ombo and Edfu then in Luxor. 4- Accommodation at two star hotels either in Aswan or luxor on bed and breakfast basis. So do not hesitate and contact us, and enjoy our competitive prices. Our Services will be over your expectations. 

Our services

The Fleet of Vehicles which we deal with , secures your Safety , Comfort and Luxury. It includes large buses , coasters , microbuses and limousine cars , All are modern , Air conditioned , very comfortable. The drivers are license.
Tour Guidance
We offer you the best Professional and informative Tour guides to get a full comprehension of the ancient Egyptian history and civilization. They enable you to understand the ancient Egyptian mentality and its way of thinking ,especially the beliefs of hereafter, Resurrection , the final judgment. Our guides give you the complete obvious vision of ancient and recent Egypt, with your mother language, or according to the language you wish and prefer.

Why choosing Egypt

Egypt has one of the longest histories of any modern state having been continuously inhabited since the 10 the Millennium B.C Its monuments such as the Giza pyramid complex and its great Sphinx were . Constructed by its ancient civilization , which was one of the most advanced of its time its ancient ruins such as those of Memphis , Thebes , Karnak , and the Valley of kings on the West bank of Luxor with the different mortuary temples , are significant focus of archeological study and popular interest.


Why visiting Egypt

Egypt, Officially The Arab Republic of Egypt , is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and south west of Asia via along bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula , most of its territory of 1,010,000 square kilometers (390,00 sq miles ) lies within north Africa is bordered by the Mediterranean sea to the north , the Gaza strip and Palestine to the northeast , the Red Sea to the east , Sudan to the south and Libya to the west . Egypt is the most populous countries in Africa and the middle east.