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Daily bus trip to Abu Simble

Daily bus trip to Abu Simble

Actually we offer a daily trip to Abu Simble with competitive prices
Answering the demands of different types and categories of tourists.
1- private trip by bus or limousine cars (according to the number of guests). It starts from 50 USD per person. Including the transportation and guidance but entrance fees to be paid by tourist.
2- Daily Collective bus trips to Abu Simble which cost 20 USD per person, excluding guidance and entrance fees.
Important Tips about the trip to Abu Simble :

1- Abu Simble temples are located south of Aswan with about 280 km.
So the trip takes nearly three and half hours each way.
2- After leaving Aswan starts immediately the desert on both sides, so you can enjoy the sunrise
There. and there are many rest houses having some facilities if you
Need like toilets or hot and cold drinks like tea, coffe, water or coke.
3- Upon arrival in Abu Simble you can use the toilets which are located by the buses parking and infront of the temple gate.
(inside the Temple area there are no toilets at all.
4- Inside the temples you are allowed to take pictures just with your phone camera for free
Otherwise you have to buy a photography ticket (from the tickets Office) if you prefer to take pictures  by normal camera.
5- Guidance and explaination by guides is just allowed infront the facade of the two temples and not inside. Therefore guides explain outside then you get free time for watching the temples inside
6- On your way back to Aswan you see the phenomenon of Mirage in the desert.

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