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What is the Botanical Garden in Aswan?

The Botanical Garden is one of the rarest botanical gardens in the world, due to its many characteristics unique to the level of gardens in the world.

Where is the botanical garden located?

The botanical garden is located on the island of the middle of the Nile in Aswan, so it is called "The Island of Plants", and its location is unique in the world and there are 3 elements of beauty that are not found anywhere else in the world, and it looked on the western mountain rich in Pharaonic treasures, which begins with the tombs of the nobles North and ends with the cemetery of Aga Khan in the south, with an altitude of 50 meters above the surface of the water and a length of 1.5 km directly on the Nile, and the garden is located on a wonderful island surrounded by water from everywhere, this is unlike the genius of history for this place, which dates back to the end of the 19th century.

And when was the park created?

The establishment of the Botanical Garden in Aswan dates back to 1898 during the British occupation of Egypt, at that time Lord Kitchener, the commander of the English campaign forces, the Mahdist Revolution in the south, put down the place of this garden to become the headquarters for this campaign, given its important strategic location from the military point of view.
How big is the garden?

The garden area is 18 acres and is divided into longitudinal and transit walkers for visitors to move in and enjoy seeing the trees. The maximum length of the garden is 700 meters and the maximum width is 115 meters. It is oval-shaped inside the Nile and surrounded by water from all sides.

What are the opening times of the park?


The Botanical Garden begins to open its doors daily to visitors from seven in the morning until five in the evening.

How much are entry tickets?

The entrance ticket to the garden is only 5 pounds for Egyptians, and 20 pounds for foreigners.

What is the cause of plant diversity in the garden?

When Lord Kitchener came to the site of the park and found a number of the people of the island of the people who grow grains and ordinary crops such as corn, alfalfa and wheat, he expelled them and began to create a building to lead his military campaign and this building still exists until now and there is the administration of the park now, and there was no island in this island Except for some sycamore, dates and dum trees, but with the onset of the summer and the extremely high temperatures, Lord Kitchener instructed soldiers from different countries such as India, Central Africa, and others to come, after their return from the leave, with different plants in order to grow them in the place Sunlight, hence the plant diversity in the garden.

How many plant species are there?


The botanical garden includes about 695 different species from around the world, and the number of plant species in the garden was increased after their numbers in 2011 reached only 400 species. During the past years, these types were increased to 655 species in order to renew the youth of the garden by multiplying new plants.

Were seedlings produced?


Seedlings of 230 plant species have been produced out of a total of about 330 rare species in the garden during the previous six years, and this is the first time that seedlings of these species have been produced since the beginning of their cultivation in the garden about 100 years ago.

Are there other areas within the park?


After the expedition of the English campaign on Aswan, the Ministry of Water Works began to supervise the place and assigned its management to the Ministry of Horticulture, which is affiliated with the Ministry at that time. The heat in the summer, and they began to send missions to bring in tropical and semi-tropical plants as of 1928 and plant them in the garden and these plants have been preserved from her time until now.

Is the park registered in the tourist attractions in Aswan?


Despite the importance of the botanical garden both geographically and globally, it is not placed on the tourism map of Aswan Governorate, among the tourist destinations for foreign tourists. Nevertheless, the botanical garden witnesses more than 5 thousand visitors per day during holidays and seasons.


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