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Noble Aswan cemeteries distinguished from the tombs of the ancient Egyptians 50 tombs are open, of which only 5 are the most famous 

The tombs of the nobles west of the city of Aswan have a special nature that is unique to the rest of the tombs of the ancient Egyptians, and there are 50 tombs that include the remains of rulers and princes of Aswan during the ages of the ancient and central states  
. One of the most famous rulers of Aswan during the different ages and has its own cabin 
On the island of elephants (Elephantine) is called the Cemetery of Haqayel, and it has a distinct set of statues of it. By comparing the tombs of the Western mainland in Luxor, which are quite far from the Nile and almost in the desert for the tombs of the nobles, which were carved at the foot of a rocky mountain, the most important characteristic of the location of the tombs of the noble panorama surrounding them is the difficulty of ancient Egyptian workers dealing with the stone, indicating that there A big difference between drilling in flat horizontal ground and sculpting the heart of a mountain on a steep vertical slope.  
To live his eternal life, and therefore, when entering the cemetery, we find a group of different inscriptions and drawings that represent the work of agriculture and the most important events of his favorite that characterize his life and take pride in it and what is prone to it in the other world. The nobles reach wells more than 10 meters deep and at the bottom of the well the mummy is placed inside and the body is inside. You can ask how the wells were dug How was the sarcophagus and the body were lowered across the Nile to the bottom of the well. This indicates that the ancient Egyptian had a unique genius in dealing with the stone and various materials that Deals with it. And Insist the safety of the archaeological that open graves to visit numbering only five of the fifty cemetery, pointing it in cooperation with foreign archaeological missions working site will be every season opening of the cemetery or two to double the number of open graves.


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