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- In Jnuary 2016, the museum     was opened 
It is located on an area of ​​15 acres, and it is considered a new cultural masterpiece added to the tourist map of Aswan Governorate.

The Nile Museum is the embodiment of the civilization of the Nile Basin countries, and the Ministry of Irrigation has made great efforts to open it.

It includes documents and information for the Nile River, the High Dam and the Aswan Reservoir.

It contains all the documents and old films that tell the story of the struggle to build the High Dam.

- The museum contains a large collection of holdings depicting the Nile River runoff from its headwaters below the Ethiopian plateau to its end at the mouth in the Mediterranean.

The museum also contains rare historical documents and documentary films that chronicle the stages of the construction of the Aswan Reservoir since 1898, and the construction of the High Dam in the 1950s and 1960s.

It includes the tools that engineers used in the construction of these two large edifices.

It contains a memorial plaque of marble that includes the names of the martyrs, engineers, technicians and workers who participated in the epic building of the High Dam and Aswan Reservoir.

It includes paintings and pictures showing the development of irrigation works and tools since the era of Muhammad Ali until now, as well as maps and designs for all facilities of the Ministry of Irrigation, from charitable arches to the giant irrigation station in Toshka and through the High Dam.

The establishment of the Nile Museum comes within the framework of the keenness to consolidate ties with the Nile Basin countries and return to the historical fabric, to support the eternal ties between the African brothers.

The Nile Museum includes a model animal park.

There is a wedding hall and a restaurant in the museum, and the museum is recently used to make photo sessions for the newlyweds, or what is called "photography."

- The museum welcomes its visitors daily from 9 am to 9 pm, and various parties and special shows for children are organized.


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